Berlin conveys a special sense of space and time. A large, low density urban landscape permeated by a laid back atmosphere, quite uncommon in big cities. Essentially, Berliners aren’t easily impressed, as they keep moving in their own peculiar rhythms, indifferent to many of the world’s buzzes and fusses.

Over ten years and countless excursions, one of the city’s inhabitants, feliksbln, regularly registered his impressions. He strolled casually, almost randomly, equipped only with a basic point-and-shoot camera and a sharp personal style. In a way, his attitude is a classic example of being a Berliner.

Mapping and following his pictures enables us to get away from the usual landmarks and worn out representations of the city. feliksbln finds sparks in commonplaces and sees beauty in the ordinary, creating his own fantastic language. Discovering his steps is as pleasurable as it is revealing.