Overbored in Berlin is a game of 39 steps – thrilling, yet not really scary.

It’s about time to get out and move. Each postcard shows a picture upfront, located in a map tile out of 9, printed on its back. The pictures are distributed by 8 sub-collections or themes. You may browse a specific city area, or a theme, or 9 random postcards to form an entire Berlin map. But there aren’t any rules really (no stress, pleaase). Overbored is out of order. Out and about. Actually, why not just go all the way and get yourself the entire pack? Hit the road nonsensically and come to your senses*—alone or in company. Wondering what the odds are in this game? Play to find out. Viel Spaß!

*Reported side-effect: sharpened vision with a glimpse of the meaning of time—no kidding.